About Capalbio

A brief guide to a tiny jewel in Tuscany.

Capalbio is in Tuscany, on Italy’s western coast 140km north of Rome via the E80 highway about 25km south of Orbetello. Siena, Pisa and Rome itself are therefore an easy few hours drive away. Capalbio is situated in the hills overlooking the sea 5km inland from the highway, and reached by one of two roads that wind up through the nature reserve that surrounds the town.

There is a regional bus line that serves the area, the coast, and the towns inland and to the north and south. The state railway line runs north south along the coast from the nearest station, which is at Capalbio Scalo, 7km away. The bus service to and from Capalbio itself is reliable, but very infrequent within restricted operating times, so for these reasons and the geographical location of the town we seriously advise potential guests that their own vehicle is not just advisable; it’s essential.
Capalbio has a modest range of fashion shops, boutiques, galleries, and fine artisan shops, and is thankfully free of the worst aspects of ‘tourist shopping,’ There are two stores that, though small, offer everything that a household or kitchen might require for an extended stay, a number of delicatessens, a fresh bakery and cake shop, a butcher, and a few newsagents. Five minutes away at the bottom of the hill in the village of Borgo Carige is a larger and well stocked supermarket that also has longer opening hours. For everything else, including electronics, tourist items, and a large, modern discount supermarket chain, the thriving regional center of Orbetello is only 20 minutes drive away.
Capalbio has a number of truly excellent restaurants and bars. ‘Osteria al Vecchio Comune’ and ‘Trattoria da Maria’ are both a short walk away on Via Circonvallazione, which circles around the outer wall of the medieval town, and Il Frantoio on Piazza della Provvidenza is a fine bar. There are bistros and cafe’s, including ‘Caffe Sol’ just across the road from Il Frantoio, and a few take-away pizzeria’s and snack bars. The finest gelateria is the area is ‘Gusto Capalbio Gelateria’ 10 minutes drive away, across the highway towards the sea in Capalbio Scalo.
There is a bank branch of Banco della Costa d’Argento on Via Circonvallazione, including a 24 hour ATM in the street outside, which is trustworthy and reliable and accepts all foreign bank and credit cards. There is a post office, a pharmacy, a local police station, real estate agents, a local tourist information center, the offices of the regional administration, and emergency medical services. The nearest petrol station is at the bottom of the hill in Borgo Carige.